Swearing pulls on the emotional centres of the brain – I Swear (2017) by Emma Byrne

A Nov. 24, 2017 CBC article is entitled – and I swear this is true – “‘Swearing is Good for You’: The evolutionary advantages of f-bombs.”

The article refers to a book by Emma Byrne entitled:

I Swear: The Surprising Science of Our Dirtiest Words (2017)

I swear. Sometimes. Especially when I’m in either the role of a pedestrian or a driver.

Over the years, I’ve learned to swear in Estonian, French, and English.

A friend of mine, who is 98, says that kids learn their full supply of swear words at a young age, in the schoolyard. She remarks that it’s remarkable, that you don’t need a teacher to help you learn all the swear words, that everybody knows.


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