How to find your Walk Score (as in, how walkable us your neighbourhood?)

As noted at a July 17, 2008 UrbanToronto article, to find your Walk Score, it’s easy to find your Walk Score:

“Go to and enter your address in the field at the top of the page, and the website will calculate the walkability (a score out of 100) of your neighbourhood based on the distance to various neighbourhood amenities. Looks like a lot of fun.”

I became interested in this topic (and checked out my own street address) after reading a March 8, 2018 Globe and Mail article entitled: “Bloor West Village homeowner worries unfair Walk Score could hit sale price.”

“Walloped by Walk Score”

The title for the March 9, 2018 print version of the article reads: “Walloped by Walk Score: Bloor West Village homeowner says unfair walkability rating may trim $100,000 off his home’s value.”

An excerpt reads:

The score ranges from 0 to 100, with five basic tiers: 90-100 is a walker’s paradise (daily errands do not require a car); 70-89 is very walkable (most errands can be accomplished on foot), 50-69 is somewhat walkable (some errands can be accomplished on foot); 25-49 is car-dependent (most errands require a car), and 0-24 is also car-dependent (almost all errands require a car). The simple way to describe the methodology is to look at how close your house is to popular amenities (shopping, transit and services).



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