March 11, 2018 Toronto Star article about Humber Bay Shores brings to mind that Mississauga and Toronto have differing cultures of waterfront development

A March 11, 2018 Toronto Star article is entitled: “How rampant development and poor planning left residents of this Etobicoke neighbourhood stuck in traffic: The Etobicoke neighbourhood of Humber Bay Shores has undergone rapid development in the past two decades, but transit infrastructure hasn’t come with it. The problem only stands to get worse.”


Some years ago I highlighted the difference (see post below) between how Mississauga and Toronto have addressed development of their respective waterfronts. The dynamics that were at play in 2014 appear to be at play as well today, as the Humber Bay Shores story unfolds.

The following May 11, 2014 post (referring to a May 4, 2014 post at the Jane’s Walk website) highlights key differences in planning attitudes, in Mississauga as compared to Toronto:

Anecdotes Shared by Fellow Walkers – May 5, 2014 post by Jaan Pill at Jane’s Walk website


A March 30, 2018 Toronto Start article is entitled: New chief planner has spent his whole career building Toronto: Gregg Lintern knows his outlook seems sunny, but he sees endless opportunity in the way we build, and think, about a future city.”


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