Long Branch Character Guidelines feature historical details regarding the evolution of Long Branch Park

lon branch park lot pattern

Figure 26 – Long Branch Character Guidelines document, p.21. Typical Block in the Long Branch Park Subdivision area

I am working on details related to a May 5, 2018 Jane’s Walk entitled “Evolution of Long Branch Park” that MPP Peter Milczyn will be leading in Long Branch.

The following text is from the Long Branch Character Guidelines document:

Frontage and Severances:

From the initial subdivision of land to pave way for Long Branch Park in 1883, to the division of larger 15.24m lots to create smaller 7.62m lots today, the Long Branch Neighbourhood has developed based on a long tradition and history of lot severances. This has resulted in a varied lot fabric, with a range of frontages. Generally, the neighbourhood is characterized by moderate to wide lot frontages, ranging between 9.0m to 15.24m. Specifically, approximately 60% of all residential lots located south of Lake Shore Boulevard, and 30% of all residential lots located north of Lake Shore Boulevard, contain lot frontages equal to or greater than 12.2m.

Larger and estate style single family dwellings, which are located at key intersections, south of Lake Promenade, and disbursed throughout the neighbourhood, are characterized by comparatively wider lots (15.0m – 20.0m). Conversely, recent lot severances, which are disbursed throughout the neighbourhood, produce comparatively narrow frontages (6.0m – 8.0m), that do not meet the intent and purpose of the Zoning By-law.


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