15 Stanley Ave. application in Mimico was refused, in Sept. 14, 2018 TLAB decision

A Sept. 14, 2018 TLAB decision regarding 15 Stanley Ave. in Mimico warrants attention. The application was refused.

You can read the decision at the link at the previous sentence. This is a decision that warrants a close read. As a retired elementary school teacher, I will (when I get around to it; I’m currently preparing to drive from a cottage east of Toronto to a high school luncheon – of 1960s grads – in Etobicoke) read this document with interest. When I study it, I will attend closely to what has been considered “determinative,” in this particular decision. I will also note whether the spelling has improved.

A previous post is entitled:

11 & 15 Stanley Ave. lot-split proposals in Mimico will be addressed at Toronto Local Appeal Body on Sept. 4 and Sept. 14, 2018

From my perspective, as an observer who will soon be living in Stratford (and continuing to serve as a foreign correspondent observing land-use decision making story in south Etobicoke, as it continues to unfold), a key element in the 15 Stanley Ave. decision is the great teamwork and coordination by local residents in Mimico and elsewhere in south Etobicoke.

As I understand, the Mimico Residents Association played no role in the above-noted outcome. I would ask you to correct me, if I am wrong. Given in particular that this website is positioned as evidence-based, I always stand to be corrected, on matters large and small.


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