David Godley’s Long Branch Update – January 2019

You can access David Godley’s January 2018 Long Branch update here:

david godley jan 2019

I don’t always get around to posting his updates, having moved to Stratford but sometimes I post them.

The email from David has two Word documents which I’ve converted to PDFs:

OPA320 Rogalski[1]


Conversion of emails to PDF: Convenience; however, with tradeoffs

It’s taken me a while, but little by little I’ve found a way to post David Godley’s email updates, without spending a lot of time in the process. The key thing in this case has involved printing out David’s email as a PDF, which I then post to my site. The links embedded in the PDF remain live, which is wonderful.

Similarly, I make a point of converting Word files from David into PDFs as the latter are easier for site visitors to access.

One disadvantage of conversion of an email to PDF is that it appears that the contents of a PDF do not turn up in an online search. Thus a person seeking information about a specific address will not find it, unless they read through the PDF.

I encourage the setting up of useful websites such as mine

As I do from time to time, I encourage other people to set up websites such as mine. Such websites are a great way for people to share information about local land-use issues. They’re also great for networking and reconnecting. In some cases, people have reconnected after fifty or sixty years (or more), through my own Preserved Stories website.

An underlying point about such websites is that as residents and citizens, we have a lot to learn from each other.

A previous post is entitled:

I encourage you to set up your own website about local history and land-use planning issues

I wrote the above-noted post on May 8, 2017. I don’t work as hard at posting now as I did then, as I’m focusing on some other projects.


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