Photo from Ulrich Laska (MCHS 1963) of Walter Rhead, Kathleen Dawson, and Ulrich Laska at their second annual reunion in Mexico


Ulrich Laska, Walter Rhead, Kathy Dawson and other friends at three-day reunion in Mexico in November 2018. Photo source: Ulrich Laska

I’m very pleased to share with you this recent photo from Ulrich Laska (MCHS 1963).

“It’s amazing,” Ulrich remarks in a Dec. 30, 2018 email, “how your preserved memories have slowly rebuilt what was a long lost web of connections. Thank you so very much for doing this.”

He adds: “Walter Rhead and Kathy Dawson and I reconnected again this last November for 3 days in Mexico for the second annual reunion. It’s becoming a wonderful tradition. I have attached a photo.”

An earlier (Nov. 18, 2017) post, which features a photo from the first annual reunion in Mexico, that Ulrich Laska speaks about, is entitled:

Photo from Ulrich Laska (MCHS 1963) of Walter Rhead, Kathleen Dawson and Ulrich Laska reconnecting in Mexico

In a recent comment at the latter post, Peter Sutton has spoken about how pleased he was to visit the Preserved Stories website and see the November 2017 photo of Kathy Dawson, Walter Rhead, and Ulrich Laska. Peter and Ulrich and other friends have, as I understand, been subsequently in touch by email.

You can read the full exchange of comments at the above-noted post.

Peter, I am delighted that you enjoy the website that I’ve put together, little by little, over the years. I am delighted that you have the opportunity to reconnect with MCHS friends from so many years ago.

I’m really pleased a good number of people, whether connected to Malcolm Campbell High School, or connected for other reasons, have been able to reconnect, in many cases after fifty or sixty years or more, through this website.

I am delighted in particular that people have taken the initiative, to reach out and make those all-important reconnections.


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