58 Wheatfield Road in Mimico – intention to designate under Ontario Heritage Act – goes to March 19, 2019 community council meeting; new letters (if you have not yet written) will be most helpful

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The report from the Toronto Preservation Board – which supported the intent to designate 58 Wheatfield Road –  has now been scheduled for the March 19, 2019 Etobicoke York Community Council (EYCC) meeting:


Letters sent to the Toronto Preservation Board in February will track along with it to the Etobicoke York Community Council.

Additional new letters– that is, letters from those of us who have not yet  written letters – would be most helpful.

That is, if you did not get a chance to send a letter when the item went to the Toronto Preservation Board, you still have time to send one for the EYCC meeting.

Where to email your letter:

Letters/emails should be addressed to “Chair and Members of Etobicoke York Community Council” and can be sent by email to etcc@toronto.ca

Please take a moment to send a letter of support to designate this previously “listed” (since 1998!) building under the Ontario Heritage Act, if you have not yet written such a letter.

Please encourage people, in your circle of contacts, to write such a letter if they have not yet done so.

These letters matter – hugely.

The existing owner seeking to demolish the house bought the property in 2008, ten years after it was listed as a heritage building.  Listing provides notice regarding the municipal heritage interest in the building but only designation under the Act protects it.


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