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To what extent do neighbourhood Facebook groups serve as virtual gated communities?

An April 28, 2016 Walrus article is entitled: “Neighbourhood Watch: How social networks lead to racial profiling. Welcome to Canada’s new virtual gated communities.” This is an interesting article about identity politics in Montreal and Toronto. I belong to a closed Neighbourhood Watch Facebook group in the neighbourhood where I live; for that reason among others […]


Chinese gated communities feature social clustering, micro-governing, and social engineering

In The Government Next Door (2015), Luigi Tomba describes five “rationalities” whereby the Chinese state has maintained control over local neighbourhoods during the transition from socialism to capitalism, namely: Social clustering micro-governing social engineering contained contention, and exemplarism Homogeneity of collective interests In Chapter 1 of the above-noted, exquisitely well-organized study, Luigi Tomba notes that “Communities are places […]


Fortress America: Gated Communities in the United States (1997) serves as a classic study regarding gated communities

I’ve been reading several books about gated communities in countries around the world, beginning with The Government Next Door (2015), which I have discussed in previous posts. Fortress America (1997) The latter study refers to Fortress America: Gated Communities in the United States (1997) among other resources. Fortress America (1997), like The Government Next Door (2015) […]


Mississauga Business Times article (February 2008) describes how the Lakeview Waterfront Connection Project came to be

The source for the article and editorial highlighted at the current blog post is an online archive at the University of Toronto: Rising From the Ashes Development that takes into account the interests of local residents I’ve written about topics related to Lakeview on many occasions in the past. I am highly impressed with projects currently […]