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Yiyun Li (2014) and Luigi Tomba (2015) each notes, each in her or his own way, that occasionally reality obtrudes

This post is dedicated to internal coherence in storytelling. The discussion concerns culture and materiality. Based upon the work of novelist Yiyun Li (2014) and researcher Luigi Tomba (2015), as discussed at a separate page, at and of the work of students of the relationship between Buddhisms and violence as discussed at still another separate webpage, […]


Lobbying by food industry means Canada food labels won’t list ‘added sugar’ – Dec. 16, 2016 CBC article

A Dec. 16, 2016 CBC article is entitled: “Sugar’s on the food label, but you’ll have to guess how much has been ‘added’: Lobbying by food industry means Canada food labels won’t list ‘added sugar’”. A Dec. 16, 2016 ‘Second Opinion’ newsletter by Kelly Crowe and Darryl Hol from CBC Health notes: How many ways can you […]


Peopling the North American City: Montreal 1840-1900 (2011)

In a previous post I’ve highlighted several books from the Toronto Public Library that I’ve borrowed after viewing a 1993 documentary entitled The Rise and Fall of English Montreal (1993). Another book about Montreal history that I’ve written a recent Comment about, and that I want to highlight in a separate post, is entitled: Peopling […]


Chinese gated communities feature social clustering, micro-governing, and social engineering

In The Government Next Door (2015), Luigi Tomba describes five “rationalities” whereby the Chinese state has maintained control over local neighbourhoods during the transition from socialism to capitalism, namely: Social clustering micro-governing social engineering contained contention, and exemplarism Homogeneity of collective interests In Chapter 1 of the above-noted, exquisitely well-organized study, Luigi Tomba notes that “Communities are places […]


On Dec. 26, 2015 Graeme Decarie wrote a long post at his website; he also spoke of mass murder in Guatemala in the 1980s

You can access the post here: Dec. 26:This is very long but,….. Graeme Decarie: I’ve just finished a very long blog. But I like it because this one gets me away from the dreadful newspapers down here. If you like, notify any students who might be interested that they can get it by googling The […]