Chapter 2: Family

Below is Chapter 2 of the draft of Graeme Decarie’s autobiography story. Graeme, as noted at a previous post, encourages MCHS grads to write their own stories. We are posting chapters from his own work in progress, as a way to encourage other people to write their stories. If you have a draft chapter in […]

Chapter 1: Dick and Jane

Graeme Decarie’s impressive and evocative MCHS Bio is outlined at a previous post: MCHS Bio for Graeme Decarie, who taught for three years at Malcolm Campbell High School  Click here for previous posts about Graeme Decarie > Graeme’s suggestion, that MCHS grads get to work on their stories, has prompted me to begin  to work […]

“Whenever I have a spare moment,” notes Graeme Decarie, “I write a bit about my life for my children.”

In an email on Dec. 18, 2015, Graeme Decarie wrote: Whenever I have a spare moment, I write a bit about my life for my children. Last night, I started one that is really about failure in school – and why and how I failed. It’s something that has a lot to do with social […]