Update regarding 11 Lake Promenade. Residents are requested to send letters of opposition with copy to Councillor Grimes

As a follow-up to a previous update regarding 11 Lake Promenade, we’re pleased to share a further update.

With reference to recent discussions related to the building proposal for 11 Lake Promenade:

“As updated earlier the applicant has already put forth his revised proposal which was rejected by the group.”

Please refer to the following files by way of background:

Committee of Adjustments Hearing 22-Nov-2012

Committee of Adjustments Minutes Oct 18 2012

Update (Nov. 15, 2012):

If you are opposed to the project please voice these concerns to the Committee of Adjustment and Councillor Grimes via email, fax or bring in a personal letter. You can also request that a letter of opposition be submitted by the Councillor’s office.

Committee of Adjustment:
File # A56/12EYK
C/O Susanne Pringle
399 The West Mall
Etobicoke Civic Centre
M9C 2Y2
Tel: 416 394-2870

Councillor Grimes



2 replies
  1. Julius
    Julius says:

    I am a resident of Long Branch for the last 25 years and I care about my community .
    Errecting huge “monster house” not representing character of this area is truly road in wrong direction and action should be taken to prevent damaging character of this unique and beatiful community.
    Julius Szulc 37th street.

  2. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    I much appreciate you taking the time to write, Julius.

    By way of contributing to the conversation, I will write a letter of my own prior to the Committee of Adjustment meeting, which takes place on Nov. 22, 2012 at 3:00 pm. It’s my understanding (from previous experience) that even letters received on the morning of the meeting are typically printed out in time for the meeting.


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