Sept. 17, 2013 Lakeview Waterfront Connection Project Informational Open House at Long Branch Legion

LWC Renders 2013-07-16_View 1. Image from Lakeview Waterfront Connection Project

The following information is from Councillor Mark Grimes’ website:

[I have added a link (see below) to an interview I did with Mississauga Ward 1 Councillor Jim Tovey in August 2013. I have also broken the single concluding paragraph in the original into shorter paragraphs.]


Lakeview Waterfront Connection Project Informational Open House

Posted September 6, 2013 by Mark Grimes & filed under News.

Neighbouring Councillors Jim Tovey, Mississauga Ward 1, and Mark Grimes, Toronto Ward 6, are co-hosting an informational open house to present the plans and highlight the benefits of the LWC Project for our local communities.

Tuesday September 17, 2013
7:00 pm
Royal Canadian Legion Branch 101
3850 Lake Shore Blvd. W, Toronto ON M8W 1R3

The Lakeview Waterfront Connection Project (LWC Project) Environmental Assessment (EA) is a project being undertaken by Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) and the Region of Peel, with the support of Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA), the City of Mississauga, and the City of Toronto.

The LWC Project is intended to enhance the degraded local aquatic and terrestrial habitat conditions (based on the local historical conditions and using other reference sites along the north shore of Lake Ontario), and provide public access to the waterfront in an area that currently does not provide such opportunities.

For more information please visit [a flyer distributed door to door in Long Branch added: or contact your local Councillor].

[End of text]

An August 5, 2013 Information Display – one of several such displays in Mississauga and Toronto in recent months – was set up at a location just east of the pedestrian bridge that crosses the current channelized version of Etobicoke Creek at Marie Curtis Park. Jaan Pill photo

Back story regarding the project

An August 11, 2013 interview with Jim Tovey – which also highlights a major September 28, 2013 Open House event at the Small ArmsBuilding at Lakeshore and Dixie in Mississauga – provides links to additional information related to the Lakeview Waterfront Connection Environmental Assessment project.

I have, as well, posted information about a small-group meeting held on August 21, 2013 at the Long Branch Legion regarding the Lakeview Waterfront Connection Project.

Additional background about the project can be found at the Etobicoke Creek category at the Preserved Stories website.

A June 1998 document Toronto and Region Conservation Authority document highlighting the Arsenal Lands can be found here.

Background about watersheds in this part of the shoreline can be found in a May 13, 2011 Credit Valley Conservation report entitled: Lake Ontario Integrated Shoreline Strategy: Background Review and Data Gap Analysis. Among other topics, the report highlights relevant fluvial geomorphology. Of related interest is a classic 1984 text entitled The Physiography of Southern Ontario by Lyman John Chapman and Donald F. Putnam.

The word “informational” is defined at this link.


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