Erosion along Etobicoke Creek Trail and parking proposal for north end of Marie Curtis Park

There’s been some discussion, as a previous blog post indicates, concerning erosion along the Etobicoke Creek Trail.

Recent correspondence between residents and officials indicates that in response to concerns regarding the trail erosion, staff have installed barricades.

There has also been discussion regarding the option of additional parking at the north end of Marie Curtis Park on the east side.

Recent correspondence between residents and officials indicates that as part of previous improvements at Marie Curtis Park, the design team proposed a small parking lot at the north end of the park near Forty Second Street and Lake Shore Blvd. West. This was not, however, supported by the community during public consultations.

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  1. David Switzer
    David Switzer says:

    The areas of erosion beside the trail have had temporary fill added and fenced off. The TRCA will developing a restoration plan for next year. In the case of the Etobicoke Creek I feel that this is acceptable as the trail is now usable and relatively safe.

    They have also removed the debris from the flood that a resident had dragged from the creek to the side of the trail.

    My suggestion for additional parking in the north east corner of Marie Curtis to alleviate the illegal parking on Forty Second Street is in the 2007 plan. It may have been objected to by residents but in light of the increased use of the park it should be reconsidered along with other solutions to the traffic situation.


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