Update regarding Bike Skills Track at Marie Curtis Park

I did not attend the September 11, 2013 meeting concerning the Bike Skills Track at Marie Curtis Park.

I have little time available for meetings these days. However, I do have time to post updates and this is what I’ve learned regarding the above-noted September 11, 2013 meeting:

  • There were few non-bikers at the meeting.
  • There was a plan to have slides from the meeting posted at Councillor Mark Grimes’ website.
  • A Marie Curtis Park master plan was mentioned at the meeting, in which, as I understand, the bike track was apparently approved ten years ago.

Further update:

I much appreciate David Switzer’s overview (see below). Few things are as satisfying as a clear storyline, no matter what the topic.

By way of a further update, Councillor Grimes’ Office has communicated the following information:

  • The relevant slides will be posted to markgrimes.ca, as well as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • The Marie Curtis Park concept plan from 2007 and the master plan from 2010, both of which include the bike park (referred to as BMX) is available here:
  • The Councillor’s Office is not sure when/where it was mentioned that it was approved 10 years ago.
  • The Councillor’s Office adds: 
  • “The bike park element was not included in the 2 phased in redevelopment plans because there was no funding for it at that time, and because there were other elements in the park that community feedback identified as higher priorities.”
  • As well, a PowerPoint presentation is available:


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  1. David Switzer
    David Switzer says:

    The meeting as they said was to show the general concept of a Skills park… its size, location, and the kinds of tracks, pumps, trails, jumps etc. What I was pleased with was the wide ranges of skill levels that proposed. The internal design of the area has not been started. The meeting was to fnd out what kind of tracks would be desirable and which would be objected to. I am in favour of a design that offers the widest range of skill levels similar to the bike lane ideal “8-80” it must be usable for you eight year old son or your eighty year old grandmother.

    As to the official plan the old plan (sadly gone) was to naturalize this whole area. Something Councillor Grimes doesn’t seem to know. However in his 2007 plan the area is indicated as B.M.X. I have a copy of the plan that Queenscorp published in 2010. Interestingly the dog park was indicated as larger and the B.M.X. smaller but this map is just a concept map.


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