We are very pleased to be in touch with Charles Tsiang (MCHS 1962) regarding the Oct. 17, 2015 MCHS Sixties Reunion

Charles Tsiang (MCHS 1962) has shared with us a couple of comments, that I’m pleased to highlight in a separate blog post, namely the one you are now reading, to ensure that as many MCHS alumni as possible have the opportunity to read the messages.

Charles Tsiang wrote:

Hi Jaan, I already dropped off a note to Howard and left one on the MCHS website. I’m from the class of ’62. Now did MCHS graduate anyone in ’61 or did they not bring in 11th graders that first year? Hoping we can find some of the early sixties group. And yes, I recall Mr Lafon but have more vivid memories of Mr Christmas. Wish I had access to old pictures to share. I certainly took enough of them back in the day. Will keep watching to see if anyone that I remember drops by to say hello. Oh how I wish I could get a hot smoked meat sandwich! … Ben’s, Chinoy Boys, Dunn’s…. Regards from Summit New Jersey, “Chuck”

His comment appears here:

Malcolm Campbell High School (Montreal) Sixties Reunion Committee met recently at Centre Street Deli in Thornhill, Ontario

Charles Tsiang also wrote:

Class of ’62 …… ( that takes my breath away)….. Living in New Jersey. Looking forward to hearing who finds this newsletter/blog and joins in. Good to see that there is a core group!

His comment appears here:

The MCHS Sixties Reunion will take place on October 17, 2015

Jaan Pill wrote (Sept. 8, 2014), in response to the email note from Charles Tsiang:

Good morning

First of all I’m pleased to have the opportunity, Howard Hight, to wish you a Happy Birthday!

I’m very pleased, Charles, to know that you have learned about the planning that is under way for the MCHS Sixties Reunion, slated for Oct. 17, 2015 at Old Mill Toronto.

You may, at this point, be aware of the Preserved Stories website, where we’ve set up two categories related to MCHS:

Malcolm Campbell High School

Malcolm Campbell High School – Biographies

It’s a delight to know you are in touch with our esteemed MCHS database team — Diana Redden and Howard Hight.

We would love to have you write a biography for us, Charles, for posting at the site. We have a number of biographies posted already.

We’ve also begun to post items, under the “Biographies” category, about the locations across North America where MCHS alumni have settled down.

Essays, photos, and any other means of sharing information related to MCHS are also welcome, for posting to the Preserved Stories site, which often re-posts items to three Facebook pages that deal with MCHS.

A number of Facebook pages serve to help us spread the word:

If you are Sixties MCHS alumna or alumnus, consider joining these three Facebook Groups

We are also compiling MCHS Sixties class lists and yearbook photos. The yearbook photos will be helpful in enabling people to figure out who’s who; the photos will be included on the name tags of the reunion attendees:

We are compiling MCHS Sixties class lists and yearbook photos

In the event you would like to help us as a volunteer, or know of other keen people from MCHS 1962 or thereabouts who’d like to help, with any aspect of the planning and publicity process, please let us know.

There’s plenty of work to go around, and input, ideas, and volunteer labour are welcomed from every source.

Among the key areas, by way of example: We need help in creating jpeg files of yearbook photos. That is just one example of areas where people can help.

Please let us know if you have any comments or questions. It’s a delight to know that you’ve learned about the Sixties Reunion project!




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