On Feb. 26, 2015 I attended a screening of “Not Business As Usual” at the Riverdale Hub

Social Enterprise Toronto

On Feb. 26, 2015, I attended a screening at the Riverdale Hub of a documentary – Not Business As Usual – about Social Enterprise, organized by Social Enterprise Toronto. The evening was a great opportunity for networking.

Like the concept of Social Innovation, which I learned about through my involvement with Jane’s Walk, the concept of Social Enterprise interests me. For a start, I’m learning how the two terms are used, and in what contexts.

I was impressed with my visit to the Riverdale Hub, and I found the conversations that I had, with a wide range of people who have a connection with Social Enterprise Toronto, of much interest.

I have an interest in Social Enterprise and Social Innovation, including with reference to the back story and the branding g story as it relates to the concept of fair-trade coffee:

I now buy Doi Chaang coffee at FreshCo and brew it at home


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