Vaughn Tanaka of Vaughn Automotive: “A great mechanic and an A1 guy!”

On April 1, 2014 I brought my 2001 Mazda in for its emissions test. The test was done at Precise Auto Electric, 35-37 Clarkson Ave. in Toronto, where Vaughn Tanaka of Vaughn Automotive has set up a one bay operation. Jaan Pill photo

Maureen Doyle has added a comment to a previous post about Vaughn Tanaka of Vaughn Automotive: Phone, voicemail, or text at 416-565-8466 or Vaughn Tanaka <>

The original post is entitled:

Vaughn Tanaka of Jim Morita Inc. has relocated; he’s been looking after my car for many years

I’m pleased to share Maureen’s comment today, as a way of bringing attention to it.

Maureen Doyle wrote:

I am so glad that I found him again and will spread the word. A great mechanic and an A1 guy!

Jaan Pill wrote in reply:

Absolutely – great mechanic, A1 guy. I feel most fortunate that I found Vaughn Tanaka some years ago when neighbours on my street mentioned the great work he does.

Vaughn recently fixed a spring on my back wheel. I was so pleased to get the car back on the road. He also did some great work using fibreglass to address some using along the body panels. I am so pleased to have the car running well and looking just fine – at about 225,000 km on the odometer. A 2001 Mazda Protege.

I’m really pleased that Vaughn now spends a good part of his time teaching young people who want to become auto mechanics. I can’t think of a better teacher – he knows the business inside and out, and he’s a person of honesty and integrity who cares about the customer. What an inspiration a person like that can be for a young person just starting out in the field.


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