1963-64 Orchestra at Malcolm Campbell High School

1963-64 Orchestra. Source: 1963-64 MCHS yearbook

1963-64 Orchestra. Source: 1963-64 MCHS yearbook

1963-64 Orchestra at Malcolm Campbell High School

Fourth Row, Left to Right: J. VanderBarren, D. Campbell, R. Gresko, K. Carleton, T. Frederick, H. Schlutz, D. Ristic, G. Rosebery, M. Ristau, H. Silverstone, G. High, R. Glen, H. Rajzman, E. Cornfield, K. Brick, J. Bat­chelor.

Third Row, Left to Right: C. Hansen, B. Vincent, C. McCaughey, G. Goodridge, M. Bastien, S. Nauss, S. Naves, J. Goodridge, D. Vinet, L. Moriel, J. Trent, R. Scherer, R. Regan­streif, L. Hermanovitch, B. Schlutz, C. Amarica, E. Shaw, J. Smith, R. Sevack, D. Crawley, Mr. Elvin.

Second Row,  Left to Right: C. Thomson, T. Spungin, I. Lord, E. Riseberg, G. Morrisette, R. LeRoy, H. Vetter, K. Howells, M. Moskal, C. Newton, C. Rice, E. Halfyard, K. Lee, B. Potts, J. Leonard, L. Maxwell.

Front Row, Left to Right: T. Saloranta, T. Hitzelberger, K. Mac­leod, A. Reid, C. Lewis, K. MacApine, H. Runz, D. Ham­bley, E. Gravel, L. Spiler, R. Pare, R. Campbell, R. Livingstone, G. Amarica.

Please note: I have used the spelling of name that is in the MCHS 1963-64 annual. In the event there are any misspellings, please let me know. The names are scanned in PDF, then converted to Word; the process occasionally introduces errors. Occasionally, there may be errors as well in the original captions.

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  1. Jaan Pill
    Jaan Pill says:

    Klaas Vander Baaren reports, at the MCHS ’60s Reunion Facebook Group:

    “I’m missing from that picture. I was still in Europe. Played the other tuba along with Harvey Silverstone.”

    He adds: “Same with the Senior Band. I was in the 1963 pictures.”

    We owe thanks to Klaas Vander Baaren for setting up the latter Facebook Group quite some time back. As well, along with other MCHS Alumni, Klaas is helping the MCHS 2015 organizing team in the scanning of the 1960s MCHS yearbooks as PDF files. The files will be included on a DVD distributed in a grab-bag to Alumni at the Reunion.

    If anybody reading this blog post would like to help out with the scanning, which will include 1970s annuals as well, a process which is time consuming, and time is running out, please contact Jaan Pill at jpill@preservedstories.com


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