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In Situ events at Small Arms Inspection Building: FrEe+aRT presents “Picture That”, an interactive installation piece where event visitors will be encouraged to write/draw on the walls

A Nov. 8, 2018 tweet from Claudio Ghirardo @CGhirardo reads: Tonight is the 1st night for IN SITU! Mississauga’s Main Multi Arts Festival! 7-11. FrEe+aRT will present “Picture That”, an interactive installation piece where YOU will be encouraged to write/draw on the walls. #insitu #contemporaryartist [End] Drawing on walls is an age-old, transgressive graffiti […]


Toronto Local Appeal Body (TLAB) Info Session will take place at Assembly Hall, 7:00 pm, Oct. 18, 2017

Please note it’s the Toronto Local Appeal Body; many of us are used to calling it the Toronto Local Appeal Board, as that is the word that most easily rolls off the tongue, and has one less syllable in it. Calling it the “Board” would make more sense that calling it the “Body,” but in this case (as in some other […]


Jo-Ann Langley shares photo of her Parents at the front of their newly built Arcadian Circle house, early 1940s in Long Branch (Toronto)

I recently joined a Facebook group called “Did You Live In Mimico / New Toronto / Long Branch?” A number of people have shared comments, at the Facebook group, about a longread article – 10,000 words-plus – that I’ve posted at the Preserved Stories website, entitled: History of Long Branch – DRAFT 4 I’m pleased to […]


Well-attended Government and Community Services Fair took place at Cloverdale Mall on Feb. 20, 2016

I’ve been visiting Cloverdale Mall for many years: Click here for previous posts about Cloverdale Mall > One of my previous posts refers to one of several Government and Community Services Fairs I’ve attended over the years: Government and Community Services Fair – Feb. 23, 2013 – Cloverdale Mall As well, I wrote a post […]


Yiyun Li (2014) and Luigi Tomba (2015) each notes, each in her or his own way, that occasionally reality obtrudes

This post is dedicated to internal coherence in storytelling. The discussion concerns culture and materiality. Based upon the work of novelist Yiyun Li (2014) and researcher Luigi Tomba (2015), as discussed at a separate page, at and of the work of students of the relationship between Buddhisms and violence as discussed at still another separate webpage, […]