Anecdotes Shared by Fellow Walkers – May 5, 2014 post by Jaan Pill at Jane’s Walk website

I’ve recently posted a blog item for the Toronto Walks Blog of the Jane’s Walk website. I’ve enjoyed writing this item, because it enables a person to consider the broader issues of interest to anybody who lives close to the Lake Ontario shoreline – in Mississauga, Toronto, or anywhere else along this or any other […]

I support Peter Milczyn as the Liberal party candidate in Etobicoke-Lakeshore

I support Peter Milczyn as the Liberal party candidate in Etobicoke-Lakeshore. I agree with his choice of transit infrastructure as the key issue heading to the polls next month. As he noted in May 8, 2014 news article (p. 11) in the print version of the Etobicoke Guardian: “We’ve lost so many decades of not […]

We’ve recently switched to bolded links within blog posts at the Preserved Stories website

As you may have noticed, the links at our website are now in bold. Walden Design has made this change after I had received comments from time to time that, in some cases, the links were hard to pick out from the rest of the text. As a result of the changes we have made, […]

Archival aerial photo of Raimbault Creek (now a lost creek) in Cartierville – Many thanks to Peter Halliday

I was delighted to view an archival aerial photo that Peter Halliday has let us know about, in a comment at a previous post about Raimbault Creek in Cartierville. One of the delightful features of the creek was that, at least in some sections, it was left free to meander, as contrasted to being channelized. […]

1960s band Sceptres releasing its album

Tim Hewlings, who graduated from Malcolm Campbell High School, has shared the following update: For those of you who might remember The Sceptres from the 1960s, our album is finally going to be released.  Better late than never, I say. For those who didn’t know me back then, this was the band I played in […]

Alice Goffman’s ‘On the Run’ Studies Policing in a Poor Urban Neighborhood – New York Times, April 29, 2014

I’ve written extensively about Erving Goffman including the start of his academic career in Chicago and the year he spent immersed in field work at a mental hospital. I became interested in his Chicago days after reading about the history of urban planning in Chicago. The first-noted link (above) is among the most frequently read […]

Laughters Voice Kids Camp update – Interview with Felix Skinner, age 11, on CBC’s Metro Morning Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Update You can listen to the Metro Morning interview, which took place on May 6, 2014, with Felix Skinner and his dad by clicking here. Our earlier post went as follows: The following message is from Andrew Harding, National Coordinator for the Canadian Stuttering Association: Laughters Voice Kids Camp update Hi everyone, Be sure to listen […]

Map shows location of proposed Bike Skills Park at Marie Curtis Park

A question that came up during the May 3, 2014 Jane’s Walk in Long Branch concerned the location of the proposed Bike Skills Park at Marie Curtis Park. I’ve posted the map at the end of this post. Background information about the Marie Curtis Park Bike Park proposal can be found at a City of […]

May 4, 2014 Jane’s Walk in Long Branch focused on conversations – with many people sharing anecdotes and comments

Our May 4, 2014 Jane’s Walk in Long Branch went beautifully – as has been the case with each of our Jane’s Walks in this neighbourhood in South Etobicoke on the Lake Ontario shoreline starting with the first one on May 6, 2012. This year the conversational element was even more a central feature of […]

Around where the Long Branch GO Station is now located was a thriving community in the 1950s, as Bill Rawson explains (2-minute video)

Before the May 4, 2014 Jane’s Walk in Long Branch began, I went to Long Branch Furniture on Lake Shore Road West to visit Bill Rawson. I met him in the morning, before the walk, to see if he’d be at his store later in the morning, so that we could visit him, but it […]