We’ve recently switched to bolded links within blog posts at the Preserved Stories website

As you may have noticed, the links at our website are now in bold.

Walden Design has made this change after I had received comments from time to time that, in some cases, the links were hard to pick out from the rest of the text.

As a result of the changes we have made, the items listed at the left of the screen also now appear in bold.

We will be interested in your feedback regarding these three questions:

We will be most interested in any comments that you as a site visitor may wish to share regarding these changes.

1) If it was difficult for you to see the links before, is it easier now?

2) Does having the links in bold make the page look “broken up,” in your experience, or can you read through the text as easily as before?

3) Are the items listed vertically at the left of each page okay to read, or does having those items in bold make them more difficult to read? [See update below – we’ve decided to unbold the vertical list of categories at the left of the page.]

Any comments you may wish to share will be much appreciated.


The vertical list on the left-hand side of the webpage was also changed to bold, for a short time.

Because having those items in bold made for more difficult reading of the text, however, we’ve arranged for those items to be unbolded.

I much appreciate getting help from Walden Design to ensure that the site is as legible and easy to navigate as possible.


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