An MCHS mini-reunion will take place in Montreal Wednesday, August 13, 2014

There is going to be a get together of MCHS grads from the ’60s in Montreal in August to commemorate the fact that it has been 50+ years since we graduated from those hallowed halls AND that we are still here to prove it. Date: Wednesday, August 13th, 2014 Time: Happy Hour 4:30 – 7:00 […]

RE: Liberal Cabinet – Peter Milczyn’s role in the Government

We’ve previously shared a blog post focusing on the election results in Etobicoke-Lakeshore. The following message is from Peter Milczyn, MPP, Etobicoke-Lakeshore Hi all, Please view the link below for a listing of all new Parliamentary Assistants. The Premier has appointed me as the PA to the Minister of Economic Development and Infrastructure (Hon. Brad […]

The MCHS Sixties Reunion category definitely includes the 1969-70 school year

Update: The MCHS 60s Reunion is open to any person who attended or worked at the school in the 1960s. That includes people who graduated in the early 1970s. It also includes any teacher or other staff who worked there at any point in the 1960s. An overview about how we arrived at this decision […]

Cartierville School .. yes, very fond memories … NOT!!! Comment from Fred Fohring

Fred Fohring has shared with us a comment at a previous post about Cartierville school. Fred Fohring commented: Cartierville School .. yes, very fond memories … NOT!!! Family moved from Pointe Claire to Roxboro during 1956 and I was bussed to Cartierville. Must have been very dull trips every day as I only recall getting […]

We have additional notes – this time from Ruth MacLeod – regarding 1960s MCHS teachers

In a previous post, we shared comments by Cheryl Vince regarding favourite teachers. Ruth MacLeod has shared a comment regarding the latter post. You can find it there, and you can also find it here: Comments from Ruth MacLeod (I’ve broken the text into shorter paragraphs): Hi Cheryl – my memory does have its moments, […]

Inspiration Lakeview Master Plan is being received by the City of Mississauga Planning and Development Committee (PDC) this evening.

The following message is from Inspiration Lakeview: Get behind your waterfront As indicated previously, the Inspiration Lakeview Master Plan is being received by the Planning and Development Committee (PDC) this evening. The Master Plan provides a framework for future development of the Inspiration Lakeview lands following the community driven principles of the Inspiration Lakeview Vision. […]

Update regarding planning for MCHS mini-reunion in Montreal in mid-August 2014

In a previous blog post I’ve described initial planning for an MCHS mini-reunion in Montreal in mid-August 2014. We are currently working on coordination of decision making related to the exact time and venue for the event. We have an email distribution list in place for sharing of information. If you as an MCHS alumna or […]

Eat your vegetables; the research is persuasive

I’ve had reason to pursue evidence-based practice in the course of my life and to eschew truthiness. I’ve made it a practice to eat my vegetables, based on research evidence published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, and highlighted in a previous post. More recent posts include: Excerpts from: Fruit and vegetable consumption and all-cause, […]

“We need others to add pictures. I wasn’t the only one with a camera on camera day.” Klaas Vander Baaren (MCHS 64)

Klaas Vander Baaren (MCHS 64) shared the comment – “We need others to add pictures. I wasn’t the only one with a camera on camera day.” – at the Facebook MCHS ’60s Reunion Group. You can enlarge the image by clicking on it. Click again to enlarge it further. I found a photo that I […]

Cheryl Vince’s favourite teachers at Malcolm Campbell High School included a principal and a vice-principal

In a comment at a previous post, Cheryl Vince (MCHS 64) has mentioned her favourite teachers. I much enjoyed reading the comment – I didn’t know, for example, that Mr. Talbot taught English or that Mrs. Schlutz drove an impressive convertible. I very much like the practice, in the 1960s at Malcolm Campbell High School, […]