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With help from Peter Halliday, we’ve located an archival photo of Raimbault Creek near the Back River

We owe many thanks to Peter for locating one of the images that we’ve been looking for, as described in a previous post. Peter Halliday writes: Bingo! Go here and download photo 10-159. I think it’s exactly what you’re looking for. [End of message from Peter Halliday] You can access the image at the […]


Peter Halliday has shared some great links related to Raimbault Creek and other Montreal lost creeks

Peter Halliday, who has shared with us an aerial photo featuring Raimbault Creek in Cartierville, which I’ve posted to this site in the past, has shared the following links. Peter Halliday writes: This is the archives I’ve been poking around in: The indication on the image is 24-29 and you can access the photo […]


Evans-Pritchard explores a “closed system of thought”

In a previous post, I’ve discussed an overview of the career of Sherry B. Ortner, an anthropologist that I learned about through reading work by another anthropologist, Marjorie Harness Goodwin. In this post, I will discuss another anthropologist. Ortner has studied the anthropology of the Sherpas of Nepal, the life stories of a 1950s New Jersey […]