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Powerful Poses, Powerless Poses – from Presence (2015) by Amy Cuddy

Update A Nov. 3, 2016 Language and Cognition article is entitled: “Power in time: The influence of power posing on metaphoric perspectives on time.” [End]   Previous posts regarding Amy Cuddy’s research include: Presence (2015) by Amy Cuddy – Powerful Poses, Powerless Poses Perceptions of warmth and competence drive our stereotypes: Cuddy et al.(2008)


Diversity is for white people: The big lie behind a well-intended word – Oct. 26, 2015 Salon article

An Oct. 26, 2015 Salon article is entitled: “Diversity is for white people: The big lie behind a well-intended word: ‘Diversity’ sounds polite and hopeful. It’s how we talk when we can’t talk about race, or when whites get nervous.” The opening paragraphs read: Our country is convulsing over the issues of diversity and race. Police […]


Stories and frames

Stories and frames Update: The ‘Arab spring’ topic is of much interest. We have many choices regarding how we contextualize – that is, frame, or place within a framework – pivotal events (inflection points) that arose years ago. At all times, our access to the past, to history in whichever form, is through the portal […]


Military history mural at Dixie Road and Lakeshore Road East contends with gusts of wind and forces of gravity

Update: Ward 1 Mississauga Councillor Jim Tovey has informed us: “We will be moving the Mural to the building facade in the spring.” [End of update]   I enjoy visiting the military history mural at Dixie Road and Lakeshore Road East in Lakeview in Mississauga next to the starting point for the Hanlan Water Project. The […]


Keep your head up. ‘Text Neck’ can wreck your spine.

A Nov. 20, 2014 NPR article is entitled: “Keep Your Head Up: ‘Text Neck’ Takes A Toll On The Spine.” The opening paragraphs read: “Text neck,” the posture formed by leaning over a cellphone while reading and texting, is a big problem, according to the author of a newly published study in the National Library […]


What role did Etobicoke residents play in the War of 1812?

The event had a good turnout Gary Miedema of Heritage Toronto did a great job of coordinating the publicity for this event, one of a series of 1812 lectures occurring this year across Toronto. Gary Miedema is Chief Historian and Associate Director at Heritage Toronto. He’s also the author of For Canada’s Sake: Public Religion, Centennial […]