Bailey Bridge extends across the Queen Elizabeth Way at Applewood Village Plaza in Mississauga

A Bailey bridge, named after a British engineer, Donald Bailey, is a temporary bridge of lattice steel designed for rapid assembly from prefabricated standard parts, used especially in military operations, according to the Canadian Oxford Dictionary, Second Edition. It’s also the name by which a permanent footbridge, across the Queen Elizabeth Way at Applewood Village […]

Community Workshop: QEW Evans Avenue to Cawthra Road

A Community Workshop was held at the Lakeview Golf Course (Grand Hall) at 1190 Dixie Road, Mississauga on Dec. 8, 2012. I had the good fortune to attend the event, which was scheduled from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm. The event followed the schedule closely, which I found impressive. The meeting was cordial, which I […]

The haves and have-nots (Branko Milanovic, 2011)

The haves and have-nots (2011) is a valuable and readable book. The subtitle is: A brief and idiosyncratic history of global inequality. The book includes an extensive list of resources for Further Reading. I became interested in the above-noted book after reading an article by Chrystia Freeland whose column, which often deals with global inequality, […]

Letter to editor speaks of loss of traditional housing in Long Branch and New Toronto

For your interest, the following letter from Lori Moore appears in the Dec. 7, 2012 edition of The Etobicoke Guardian: To the Editor: In the New Toronto and Long Branch areas just north of the lakeshore, there are many affordable older cottages and small bungalows being torn down so that two houses can be built […]

A Jane’s Walk in in the nature of a conversation. What is the nature of a conversation?

A Jane’s Walk can be presented as being in the nature of a conversation. A conversation differs from a lecture, as it more explicitly involves a two-way exchange of messages. A lecture does have elements of a conversation, in the event there is a Q & A session at the end of it. There’s also an underlying […]

Built Heritage News – Issue No. 204 – November 28, 2012

From time to time, I like to post items from Built Heritage News. You can subscribe to this newsletter by visiting the website, which you can access through the link in the previous sentence. Click here for information about Built Heritage News. Click here for information about the Toronto branch of the Architectural Conservancy of […]

Council passes motion (34 to 4): Changes to Provincial Funding Approaches for Homeless Prevention and Social Assistance Programs

Full details regarding the motion can be found here: Excerpts: City Council on October 30, 31 and November 1, 2012, adopted the following: 1.         City Council approve, subject to final confirmation from the Province, receipt of $96 million for the Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative (CHPI), with specific funding allocations for the homeless prevention services described in […]

Instrumental reason drives climate change; and war is work that soldiers do

Updates A Feb. 20, 2014 CBC article is entitled: “Are we doomed? Elizabeth Kolbert explains why the world might be in the midst of a major mass extinction.” A July 24, 2014 New Yorker article is entitled: “Spare the rod, school the child.” The article notes that a causal chain links the health of ocean […]