We urge you to again show your support for designation of 28 Daisy Avenue under the Ontario Heritage Act

We urge you to write a letter or send an email today in support of the designation of 28 Daisy Avenue under the Ontario Heritage Act We owe thanks to all of the people who took the time to write a letter of support for designation of 28 Daisy Avenue under the Ontario Heritage Act. […]

Ontario, TDSB point fingers at each other over trade workers’ contract (Globe article)

In the interests of sharing a wide range of viewpoints, I’m pleased to share this article in the Jan. 7, 2013 Globe and Mail. The opening sentence in the above-noted Glove and Mail article (accessible via link in previous sentence) reads: “The Ontario government and the Toronto District School Board are locked in a dispute […]

Can a new park help weave together divided Dallas? (Planetizen, Jan. 8, 2013)

The following headline and text is from a Jan. 8, 2013 article in Planetizen. Can a new park help weave together divided Dallas? Alan G. Brake looks at the ambitions of Dallas’s newly opened Klyde Warren Park. Built atop a trenched highway, the park “attempts to merge sophisticated contemporary design with walkable urbanism” while uniting two […]

Ward Forum meeting Tues., Jan. 29, 2013 (Pamela Gough and Chris Glover)

Following message is from the Office of TDSB Trustee Pamela Gough: Good Morning, Happy New Year! Welcome back to everyone from Trustee Pamela Gough. Please find attached the flyer with information about the joint Ward Forum meeting on Tuesday January 29 at 7 pm at Lambton Kingsway JMS (525 Prince Edward Dr.) that Trustee Gough […]

Casino proposal: All residents encouraged to fill out the online feedback form by Fri., Jan. 25, 2013

The proposed casino is a source of interest for many people, as this Jan. 9, 2013 Globe and Mail article indicates. A second Globe article describes the format for the public meetings connected with this topic. This Jan. 12, 2013 Toronto Star article describes the second consultation that’s been held. This Jan. 30, 2013 Toronto Star article highlights […]

Stories about storytellers (Douglas Gibson 2011)

Alice Munro wrote a letter to the head of Macmillan of Canada in March 1986 when Douglas Gibson moved from Macmillan to set up Douglas Gibson Books at McClelland and Stewart (M&S). In the letter she wrote of her desire to be free of her contract with Macmillan so that she could be represented by […]

Etobicoke waterfront stormwater management facilities study. Lakeview waterfront connection study: Meeting on Jan. 22, 2013.

Etobicoke waterfront You can find information here regarding the Etobicoke waterfront stormwater facilities project. Information about the municipal class environmental assessment (EA) study related to this facilities study is available here. A document related to the study has been placed on record between Jan. 10 and Feb. 11, 2013. If you have any “outstanding issues,” you […]

Update regarding Gore Park Streetwall story in Hamilton: Jan. 5, 2013 Globe and Mail article

A Jan. 5, 2013 Globe and Mail article provides an update regarding the Gore Park Streetwall story in Hamilton. An earlier post about this topic can be found here. The headline and opening paragraphs read as follows: To treasure or tear down Hamilton’s Victorian storefronts? The debate rages Adrian Morrow The Globe and Mail Jan. […]

How the spectre of the Iron Curtain haunts Eastern Europe today: Toronto Star interview with Anne Applebaum (Jan. 6, 2013)

I read with interest this Jan. 6, 2013 interview in The Toronto Star with Anne Applebaum, author of Iron Curtain: The Crushing of Eastern Europe. The opening up of archives and the availability of personal accounts of the postwar years in Eastern Europe is, I believe, a significant achievement. Accurate and balanced overviews based on such resources are […]

Elizabeth Day (2013) discusses storytelling: How reading aloud is back in fashion

I enjoyed reading a Jan. 6, 2013 article in The Guardian. The article (see link in previous sentence) by Elizabeth Day about her storytelling in an art gallery in central London begins with the following heading and text: “Storytelling: how reading aloud is back in fashion “At a weekly book club, Elizabeth Day has found […]