MCHS bio for: Diana Redden (nee McLagan), class of ’64

Diana Redden (nee McLagan), class of ’64

Diana (McLagan) Redden

I was in 11F with Miss McCormack. I plan to attend the reunion in October, 2015. I was involved in a lot of activities at MCHS, including the Social Committee, interclass sports/soccer, L’Eleve, and the senior choir. I particularly remember the fun ski trips and our most spirited teacher, Miss. Shamy.

After graduating, I joined The Royal Bank of Canada, starting a life-long banking career at the Van Horne and Victoria branch as a teller or – as it is known today in the industry – a Customer Service Representative. I eventually completed all my Canadian Banking Association levels and, in 1977, joined the Bank of B.C., moving to Langley, British Columbia. When I retired in 2010, I was a Senior Manager in the Compliance & Legal Department at the HSBC Bank Canada. I continued working on a contract basis in the Tax Dept, writing Contemporaneous Documentation until December 2013.

In my personal life, I married Tony Redden in 1979 and we have a son, Neil James who just got married on May 3rd, 2014.  I also do volunteer work for the Langley Quilters’ Guild, Special Olympics – Langley Local, and complete audits for Community Service Groups in Langley. Fortunately, I’ve been able to do a lot of traveling, to the U.K. Europe, Mexico, Maui, and the Caribbean. I’m still living in Langley and would love to hear from my former classmates. You can contact me by email at:


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  1. David Warr
    David Warr says:

    Did you live on Depatie Street and have a sister Brenda? Brenda was a friend of mine from Morison School. Once in MCHS we went separate ways.

  2. David Warr
    David Warr says:

    Hi again!
    BTW I worked for The Bank Of Nova Scotia before becoming a teacher. I wanted to be just like Mr. Hill who taught me history at MCHS and at Macdonald College. He was a great guitar player and singer.

  3. Howard A Hight
    Howard A Hight says:

    David, you are correct. Brenda went to marry my best friend Wayne Grier.

    Diana and her hubby Tony will be coming in from BC for the reunion.
    They along with my wife Diane and I will be staying with the Griers. (we are coming up from Boston) We hope that you will be at the reunion and have a drink with us.

  4. David Warr
    David Warr says:

    Hi Howard!
    We’d love to be able to go to the reunion. Our focus these days in on Alberta where our four kids live along with the ten grandchildren. Our youngest daughter is having her second child in July so it looks like we’ll be going to Edmonton for that and then perhaps back again for Christmas. We are debating driving across the country this year instead of flying. If the reunion was in Montreal it would be a little easier for us but that wouldn’t be a crucial factor. I have probably told you before that we are trying to move to Alberta but we haven’t been successful selling our house yet. It looks like we may have to give up on the idea.
    You know since leaving MCHS I have hardly seen any one from school. I have just learned lately that Gary Tinker had passed away a few years ago. He and I graduated from MCHS and Macdonald College the same years. Last fall I met up with Ross Mann in Calgary. We started Kindergarten together and graduated from the same homeroom. Hard to do in Montreal. Apart from my good friend Garry Dunsby I haven’t seen any other MCHS alumni for years.


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