The difference between what is said and what is done matters

A May 16, 2016 London School of Economics blog article is entitled: “From the Third Way to the Big Society: the rise and fall of social capital.” An Aug. 16, 2016 Forbes article is entitled: “The Lesson Behind Fortune’s ‘Change the World’ List.” The topics addressed in the two, above-noted articles are of interest to […]

In Situ Multi Arts Festival at the Small Arms Building, Oct. 27 to 29, 2016

I hope you can make it out to In Situ Multi Arts Festival from Oct. 27 to 29, 2016. It’s an event featuring art installations, jazz music and DJ. Special performance by Frog in Hand called Creature, an audience interactive experience through the building. BBQ & Cash Bar. It’s at the Small Arms Building at […]

Video Message from Dorothy, age 97, to the Etobicoke-York Committee of Adjustment, October 2016

How can you help Dorothy? Please share this video with your friends and neighbours. Please contact us through the Preserved Stories website if you have any questions or would like to help us in our community self-organizing efforts.  

Who are the Members of the Etobicoke-York Committee of Adjustment?

A previous post discusses who the Committee members are: Sept. 13, 2015 message from David Godley regarding conservation of Long Branch Update By way of an update, there are now only 4 members: Dominic Guili Megan McIver Ted Shepherd Allan Smithies The 5th member, Nathan Muscat, as I understand, is no longer a member. They […]

Re: Conserving Long Branch – October 2016 Update – David Godley

Hope you have enjoyed the glorious weather we have had this year. So much needs to be caught up on in Long Branch after being away a couple of weeks that I have not fully unpacked after 10 days! Application Status * New Applications 30 38th Street (2) 2 storey singles with central right of […]

In its early history, the Canadian Stuttering Association has developed (what I would describe as) four key principles of community self-organizing

Erving Goffman’s definition of the situation: Bridget Jones’s Baby and The King’s Speech

In a Comment at a recent post, I’ve referred to commonalities between Bridget Jones’s Baby and The King’s Speech. In the current post, I will explore themes related to storytelling, Erving Goffman, storylines, narrative arcs, frames and framing, and related topics. These topics are of interest to me because I have been exploring the nature […]

Graeme Decarie: My Biggest Mistake – Ch. 4 of Graeme’s Autobiographical Stories

Check here for previous chapters in Graeme Decarie’s Autobiography Stories > Among recent posts about Graeme is one entitled: Graeme Decarie served as historical advisor and commentator for a 1993 NFB film about the Quiet Revolution in Quebec “It makes me, correctly, look very bad” “I gave this one a lot of thought before deciding […]

Complaint alleges Ward 5 Councillor Justin Di Ciano may have benefited ‘financially and politically’ from developer” (CBC Oct. 14, 2016)

An Oct. 14, 2016 CBC article by CBC investigative reporter John Lancaster is entitled: “Justin Di Ciano’s ties to Dunpar Homes under investigation: Complaint alleges Di Ciano may have benefited ‘financially and politically’ from developer.” The opening paragraphs read: The city of Toronto’s integrity commissioner has launched an investigation into Etobicoke councillor Justin Di Ciano’s ties […]