Opening statement of Marie L. Yovanovitch to House of Representatives permanent select committee on intelligence, committee on foreign affairs, and committee on oversight and reform, Oct. 11, 2019

Hurricane Hazel dates back 65 years: Hurricane Hazel walk, Oct. 12, 2019; Hurricane Hazel talk, Oct. 15, 2019

Documents from Toronto Pearson noise management forum meetings bring to mind November 2019 Atlantic article about noise

More than 12,800 apparent opioid-related deaths have occurred in Canada since January 2016, but it’s not a big federal election issue

Walt Disney steered well clear of ambiguity; John le Carré thrives on it; that said, respective story architectures are identical

Unauthorized Banksy exhibit in Amsterdam in August 2018 brings to mind state-level legibility; as well, it brings to mind limitations of language

How effective are public education campaigns, directed at changing people’s opinions about stuttering? How can the outcomes of such efforts be measured?