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Conserving Long Branch – David Godley June 2016 Update Addendum

A previous post, based on my experiences as a Long Branch resident, is entitled: How to prepare a 5-minute presentation to the Committee of Adjustment Another previous post is entitled: The question of lawn signs and the Long Branch Neighbourhood Association (LBNA), which is currently being formed  Click here to access previous posts featuring input from […]


Conserving Long Branch (Toronto) – April 2016 update from David Godley

The following text is from David Godley: Long Branch is being invaded! Soldier Houses are on the march! 
They have already established bridgeheads throughout the Neighbourhood. 3 storey twin houses on narrow lots are disfiguring beautiful and engaging Long Branch in direct contravention of the Official Plan. OMB approvals have spawned many more applications particularly […]


March 2016 update from David Godley: “Long Branch is now Ground Zero”

The following text is from David Godley of Long Branch: Long Branch is now Ground Zero for severances in Canada Almost one application a week represents what seems to be the most concentrated neighbourhood for severance applications. With 83% odds of developers (and some homeowners) getting approval at the OMB as well as additional approvals […]


Committee of Adjustment and OMB decisions, it is alleged, at times contravene planning legislation. Allegations of professional incompetence also arise.

In a previous post I have shared a message from David Godley. David Godley is at <> and 416-255-0492. The attachments in the message include the following text from David Godley and Wanda Jurashek of Long Branch: coaissues You can read the text by clicking on the above-noted link. By way of bringing attention to the message, […]


Conserving Long Branch – February 2016 update from David Godley

I am pleased to share with you the following message from David Godley: Thank you Jill Hogan of the City Planning Department for her applications review which unfortunately is getting longer!
 Thank you also to the following for supplying information: Sabrina Salitino, Planning Department, Daniel Fleming, Councillor’s Office, Liz Read, Andy Choles, Mike Flynn, Sandy […]


Nov. 22, 2013 News Update – Councillor Mark Grimes

Below is a text of a recent news update from Councillor Grimes office (along with a link to the version accessible from your browser): To view the text, with accompanying links, in your browser, click here. eNews for November 15, 2013 ‘Tis the Season Children’s Art Show and Community Open House: presented by the Assembly Hall, […]