The histories of the world regions that Western military forces were stepping into were ignored or else were (among decision makers) beyond comprehension

“The first thing is to make this thing a war,” Admiral Gouveia e Melo said in an interview, recalling how he approached the job. “I use not only the language of war, but military language.”

Dr Ben Janaway: ‘They were polite, passionate and discursive. But they were trapped by fake information, and information they were not equipped to understand.’

Some reflections regarding the overthrow of Nicolae Ceaușescu of Romania in December 1989

From the Toronto Public Library website, you can access Erving Goffman’s 1982 presidential address to the American Sociological Association

Erving Goffman devoted his career to the structured, intensive study of ‘what’s going on’

Erving Goffman was impressed with Johan Huizinga’s study of the play-elements in culture

As Erving Goffman has noted, what goes on in gambling establishments and risk-taking situations in general is worth close study