An occasional Newsletter from Preserved Stories.

To better understand Ontario’s third wave: This April 17, 2021 CBC Radio interview documents the year-long back story

There is growing evidence that Nunavut’s glaciers are shrinking, in part due to iceberg calving as a result of climate change, an April 21, 2021 New York Times article notes

‘This is the most serious civil emergency in the history of Ontario’: April 16, 2021 Ontario Hospital Association media release

Click here to access April 2021 issue of Photographic Historical Society of Canada newsletter. Feature profile: Meer Katt, Minister in Charge of Shutdowns and Vaccine Appointments

‘Lost in Thought: The psychological risks of meditation’ – Until I read the April 2021 Harper’s article, I thought that heavy-duty meditation was by and large pretty harmless

A selection of Mississauga’s special neighbourhoods are being reviewed as potential Cultural Heritage Landscapes

Inside Myanmar’s army: I’m reminded of Erving Goffman’s concept of ‘total institutions’

Tiny homes of interest to many people: Waterloo Region Record has been exploring the topic