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Seeking information: Wartime and postwar housing at Small Arms Ltd. in Lakeview and elsewhere

Please note that subsequent posts include: Where will the people go: Toronto’s Emergency Housing Program and the Limits of Canadian Social Housing Policy, 1944-1957 Ted Long shares photos from the Long Branch army camp in the 1950s; with comments from Ted Long & Garry Burke Life at the Long Branch Army Camp, long, long ago! […]


Where honour depends on appearances

A previous post about Peter Burke’s History and Social Theory (2005) includes one that is entitled: Narrative has regained prestige as a way of understanding the world The nature of honour Page 74 of Burke’s 2005 study refers to Pathan society, “where honour depends on appearance,” and to a study by Barth (1959). Burke notes […]


Essentialism can lead us in many directions

Ever since high school, or maybe it goes back to elementary school, I have enjoyed writing essays. This is an essay that occurred to me this morning of June 14, 2015, in the early morning hours, when the compartment of my mind that enjoys essays is active. I recorded the essay with an Zoom H5 […]


Two Cheers for Anarchism (2012) began as a large undergraduate lecture course on anarchism

Some years ago, James C. Scott taught a large undergraduate lecture course on anarchism in order to educate himself about the topic, and to figure out his own relationship to it. Scott’s conceptualization of anarchism includes a focus on “voluntary co-operation without hierarchy” and a celebration of “the inventiveness and judgment of people who are […]


What is the meaning of contested normative valance?

Concepts such as “contested normative valance” are of value, in my view, because it’s useful to include concepts from the social sciences in the study of history. For this reason, it’s of interest to read the views of Sönke Neitzel, a historian, and Harald Welzer, a sociologist and social psychologist, regarding warfare. Similarly, it’s of […]


Can the term neoliberalism be turned into a useful analytic tool?

Given my interest in how language interacts with perception, I enjoyed reading an overview, in Status Update (2013), of the history of neoliberalism. Boas and Gans-Morse (2009) In her discussion of neoliberalism in Status Update (2013), Alice E. Marwick cites a 2009 journal article by Taylor C. Boas and Jordan Gans-Morse entitled Neo liberalism: From New Liberal Philosophy to Anti-Liberal Slogan. The source is: […]