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Climate change and Greater Toronto Region: Links updates


A July 12, 2017 CBC article is entitled: Don’t drain the swamp: report says wetlands help avert flood damage: Study says leaving wetlands in their natural state can help protect communities from severe flooding.”



A previous post is entitled:

Put your money in Conservation Authority Flood Management Programs and it will be well-spent – May 10, 2017 Credit Valley Conservation post

An April 29, 2017 CBC article is entitled: “Toronto the resilient: how the city plans to adapt to climate change in 2050: City’s plans require dramatic shifts in lifestyle, planning and building, report says.”

A May 23, 2017 Metro News article is entitled: “Toronto’s cost-cutting council is not ready for climate change: Matt Elliott: Even as the waters on Toronto Island rise, the mayor’s executive committee shelved a report on stormwater management.”

A June 5, 2017 CBC article is entitled: “GTA mayors say cities must lead fight against climate change in age of Trump: John Tory, Bonnie Crombie say public transit, local emission reduction plans are key tools.”


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