The Mimico Town Hall was located on the east side of Church Street north of Mimico Avenue

I have revised a previous post, which was based on information that had been earlier communicated to me. The revised paragraph now reads as follows:

As I understand, the “heart” of Mimico is usually considered to be Mimico Ave. and Lake Shore Blvd West. A twelve-storey building is going up on Superior Avenue. The Municipal Buildings of Mimico from years past were, as I understood until recently, on Mimico and Superior Avenues. However, Michael Harrison, who is widely regarded as an authoritative source regarding the history of Mimico, has pointed out that:

The Town Hall (demolished) was located on the east side of Church Street (now Royal York) north of Mimico Avenue.


I would add that in the recently posted video of the Colonel Samuel Smith homestead,, there’s a reference to a book by Givens (2007). The correct spelling is Given (2007).


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