The recent Walkable Communities report warrants close study

Pamela Gough is the Trustee, Ward 3, Etobicoke-Lakeshore, for the Toronto District School Board.

She has recently been appointed to the City of Toronto Board of Health (BOH).

Through that appointment she has had her attention brought to a report on Walkable Communities that came to the Board of Health recently.

“You would be very interested in the ideas contained in this report, I think,” she comments.

It’s on the BOH website.”

“When the Walkable Communities report was being discussed at BOH, Gill Penalosa came forward to do a deputation. He’s the ED [Executive Director] of a very interesting NGO [Non-Government Organization] called 8-80 (meaning cities that are livable for all ages of people, from 8 to 80).

“Here’s the website to his organization, which works internationally to make cities and communities more livable.

“You might want to take a look and add it to your sheaf of information on planning ideas re Mimico 20/20 as well as Long Branch.”

Pamela Gough’s contact details are as follows:


Twitter: @pamelagough


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