Emerald ash borer update

Update: An Aug. 9, 2014 CBC article is entitled: “Emerald ash borer a costly pest to Toronto tree canopy.”

The subhead reads: “Urban forest worth about $7B to local economy, TD report says.”

[End of update]


By way of an update, please see attached letter regarding the booklet
What you need to know about the management of the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB):

Letter EAB Booklet

For details please contact:

Beth McEwen
Manager, Urban Forestry Renewal
Tel: 416-397-4006
Fax: 416-392-6658
Parks Forestry & Recreation
Urban Forestry
Locke House
355 Lesmill Road
Toronto, Ontario M3B 2W8

Comments from David Switzer of Long Branch

I’m pleased to share with you David Switzer’s comments. I would in particular bring your attention to the caution he shares about finding a reputable outfit to do the treatment. David writes:

“Although my ash tree is not large (I could probably remove it myself), I decided that it would take too long for a replacement tree to reach the size I now enjoy so I chose to have the treatment done.

“I had difficult in getting a tree service from the companies listed. One did not service this far west of Toronto. Another’s automatic answering directed me to a wide choice of lawn and landscaping packages but didn’t offer just this tree service. Another never returned the call. Finally I was contacted by Davy Tree service who did a professional job. I talked to another arborist and I gather for smaller companies there is difficulty in getting the chemicals.

“A final caution: In the past when there has been a surge in demand for a service because of new government programmes or regulations there springs-up a large number of companies with questionable qualifications. This injection service is not visible after it is done so you have to trust the service that they did indeed treat you tree.”


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