Mimico 20/20 Spring 2012 feedback report distributed by Matthew Premru

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I attended a June 5, 2012 Mimico 20/20 workshop and was impressed with how it was organized.

A report based on community input at these workshops has been published. You can access the file by clicking on the link below:

Feedback Report Community Workshops Spring 2012

On August 17, 2012 Matthew Premru distributed the above-noted PDF file along with an email message:

      Hello to all Mimico 20/20 Participants

On behalf of the Study Team I’m pleased to attach the Feedback Report from the May/June Workshops. Once again, we’d like to thank everyone for their valuable input and in making this a successful event.

As for a project update, our work is continuing throughout the summer and we are aiming to present the progress on the emerging Secondary Plan at our next public event in the early/mid Fall. We will endeavour to provide notification at the earliest time possible — please stay tuned for further announcements.


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