Wynne responds to wind concerns. And heritage is raised. Message from Tom Millar.

Tom Millar. Jaan Pill photo

Tom Millar. Jaan Pill photo

The following message if from Tom Millar of Toronto:

Hello….I’m e-passing this onto you because there is a public comment made by a concerned group that raises heritage in the context of ‘green energy’…..At last! and also reported by local media/newspaper

“Wynne responded to a letter from Gillan Richards, executive member of Save Ontario’s Algoma Region (SOAR), regarding the proposed Bow Lake Wind Project.

Richards says the proposed project will have a detrimental effect on tourism in the area and area residents in the rural area don’t want to see the wind turbines create havoc on the natural beauty of the area.”

…..Sound familiar, eh?!

And then this….

“The group states in a press release that Canada’s cultural heritage is being sacrificed for profit and a misguided energy policy and the province has not done a proper analysis of the economic impact or harm to the environment with the project.”

And that is so true says me.

Here is the link to the media article:


This is what Save Bala Falls in all about….the wrong placement of w/b power plant on crown property that’s considered by the local community to be a heritage resource.


But the MNR released the land without first doing a heritage evaluation as required by Ontario policy under land use by Ministries and the OHA. And still haven’t done it, even thought Minister has been informed of thisaccountability to do so.

Shameful, right?!…..Tom


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