Reconnect to Nature in Toronto… message from Toronto Green Community

Following message is from Toronto Green Community:

Hello Friends and Supporters,

As Earth Day events fade into memory, don’t let the environment become a second thought. An iconic Canadian who sets an admirable example for us all is David Suzuki.  In his book, Everything Under the Sun, he states, “As biological creatures, we depend on clean air, clean water, clean soil, clean energy and biodiversity for our well-being and survival. Surely protecting those fundamental needs should dominate our thinking and the way we live.

But in a world that is increasingly dominated by electronics, human beings are losing their connection to nature. If we cannot see ourselves as an intricate part of the eco-system that helps sustain us, then there is a disconnect when it comes to the need to protect and respect it.  In a society where as little as 6% of children get outside to play during a typical week, how will we address the growing phenomenon of “nature deficit disorder”, a term coined by Richard Louv, that speaks to the result of our children exchanging the ‘outdoor’ experience for the ‘enclosed world of electronics’?

At TGC we believe the solution starts with all of us. With each of TGC’s initiatives, we plant the seeds of awareness and provide the means to nurture a deeper appreciation of our natural world. Whether you:

  •  join us on a Lost River Walk to learn about the waterways we have buried in the name of development,
  • attend a workshop to learn how to reduce waste,
  •  or volunteer in our community garden to learn how to grow local, organic food,

our programs endeavor to inspire positive action in our daily lives while demonstrating how we can make a positive contribution to the ecosystem of which we are all an intricate part.

It’s time to get back to basics and give nature its rightful place again. TGC strives to raise consciousness, engage communities with their natural environment and provide tools for individuals to make informed choices on a daily basis at home, at work and even when at leisure to achieve greener lifestyles that are good for our planet. For example, when parents bring their young ones to participate in our Great Garden Adventure, they involve their children in outdoor activities that teach them how to be a beneficial part of the much bigger system we depend on for our survival. It is up to all of us to take the lead in setting a much needed example for the future stewards of our planet.

We hope that we can rely on your continued support of our grassroots programs that reach a diverse range of individuals and communities across Toronto.  A donation of $50 will go a very long way towards helping us achieve our vision of a sustainable city.

Please click here to make an online donation now that will sustain and expand our efforts! To learn more about our environmental initiatives please visit our NEW websiteat


Paula Messina,
Executive Director

 SAVE THE DATE!!Please join us at our Annual General Meeting

Monday, June 10, 2013 at 6:00pm

Celebrate our successes, hear about our future plans
& officially vote in our new Board of Directors!
Stay tuned for more details soon!

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