Three more things to do this weekend – May 10, 2013 Toronto Star

A May 10, 2013 Toronto Star article highlights three more things to do this weekend.

The article includes three events.

Bird Festival

The Splendour that was Sherbourne

Madeleine McDowell will lead a walk

Madeleine McDowell of Etobicoke will lead a walk seeking “Aggie’s wildflowers” on May 11, 2013 at 11 am from Lambton House at 4066 Old Dundas St. More information at Heritage Toronto.

Who was Aggie?

As the article notes:

“In 1868 Agnes Fitzgibbon published Canadian Wild Flowers. Flora from the woods off Dundas St. and along the Humber River in Etobicoke were her inspiration.”

To be more precise, here’s the bibliographical information from the Toronto Public Library about the above-mentioned book: The book is by Catherine Parr Strickland, 1802-1899. Contributors include Agnes Dunbar Moodie Fitzgibbon. It was published in 1868.



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