Comment from Jake, a Long Branch resident, regarding plans for sand beach at Marie Curtis Park

In recent blog posts, I’ve discussed plans regarding the sand beach at Marie Curtis Park.

I’ve recently posted a comment from Jake Yoo, a Long Branch resident. By way of bringing attention to his comment, I am pleased to post it here in its entirety:

Comment from Jake

Hi Jaan,

I attended the most recent Public Information Centre (PIC) on April 3, 2013, which was the second Evironmental Assessment PIC for the project known as Lakeview Waterfront Connection. While I do commend the organizers based on their open-process, willingness to listen and share information I had burning question cross the back of my mind…”Who is representing the City of Toronto’s concerns at this meeting?” Please take a look at the materials we reviewed that night on the following website.
“Island C” was presented as the preferred approach and was compared and contrasted with the other approaches. “Island C” plans are also the only plans that impact the sandy beach on the west-end of Marie Curtis Park.

At the end of the night, we were asked to gather in groups, discuss the presentation materials and table any issues. By chance I delightfully sat down at a table with a couple of long-time Lake Promenade residents and we tackled and voiced our concerns as residents of Longbranch. When it was our turn to speak we brought up our concerns of the impact on the existing sandy beach on the westend of Marie Curtis park. Kenneth Dion attempted to answer this, but left me with the impression that the current sandy beach will be replaced with larger granules of cobblestone-like fill.

I do suggest that you and any readers stumbling upon this comment register for future Lakeview Waterfront Connection meetings by emailing Michael Charendoff,, as the website instructs. I happened to stumble upon the meeting myself by registering my email address for updates on the City of Mississauga’s Lakeview Inspiration website —

Lastly, I suggest reaching out to our city councillor Mark Grimes at or call 416-397-9273 and ask him his thoughts on the impact on Marie Curtis park by Lakeview Waterfront Connection and express your concerns that it appeared that there was a lack of presence by the City of Toronto during the last PIC, and perhaps our voice is not being strongly heard.

While I believe that the Lakeview Waterfront Connection project will bring a lot of positive change to the area, I would not want to sacrifice an amazing sandy beach, and Toronto’s only sandy beach on the Westend to cobblestone.

Jake Yoo
Longbranch resident on Lake Promenade


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