Update from Councillor Mark Grimes’ Office – July 12, 2013 – [Re: Water damage recovery]

Following text of July 12, 2013 is from Councillor Grimes Office.

From: Councillor Grimes
Date: Friday, 12 July, 2013 2:27 PM
Subject: Announcements July 12, 2013 – Flood Recovery Information and Special Garbage Collection

please find the full eNews letter attached as a .pdf

July 12, 2013

City addressing basement flooding calls and providing special garbage collection after storm

The City of Toronto is reminding residents to call 311, the City’s 24-hour customer service line, to report basements flooded as a result of the intense rainfall on July 8.

311 is continuing to dispatch Toronto Water staff to investigate each call as quickly as possible. Residents are being asked to remain patient during this time. As of today, the City has received nearly 3,000 basement flooding calls. Due to the high volume of requests, it will take staff four to five days to visit a home once a call is received.

During investigations, Toronto Water staff will inspect the area’s sewer system. If you are home when staff arrives, they will work with you to collect information on the cause of the flood. If you are not home, they will leave a door hanger with further details, including contact information for Toronto Water staff. Please do not call 311 once you receive a door hanger.

The results of these investigations will help the City determine if further solutions need to be put in place to help reduce basement flooding in areas most affected by the storm.

Residents are reminded to report flood-related property damage to their insurance provider as soon as possible. Take photos to support your insurance claim, and keep receipts for emergency repair work or cleanup.

Be mindful of health and safety when cleaning a flooded basement as you may be exposed to sewage or come in contact with water and electricity.

If the flooding is a result of a blocked drain pipe, leaking foundation walls or poor lot drainage on the property, the property owner is responsible for repairs and any subsequent damaged caused by the flooding.

If you believe the City has been negligent in maintaining City facilities or infrastructure, such as roads and sewers, you can file a claim. More information can be found at: www.toronto.ca/finance/insurance_claims.htm

Residents are also invited to learn more about the City of Toronto’s Basement Flooding Subsidy Protection Program, which offers a financial subsidy to residents who isolate their home from the City’s sewer system. Eligible improvements include disconnecting your foundation drains (weeping tiles) from the sewer system, and the installation of a backwater valve or sump pump.

For more information about basement flooding, including more prevention tips, visit http://www.toronto.ca/water.

Special garbage collection

The City will provide a special collection on Saturday, July 13 for waste created by flooding. Residents also have the option of setting out flood-damaged items on their regular garbage day. Residents are reminded to check with their insurance company before setting items out for collection (proof of damage prior to disposal may be needed for reimbursement). If it’s at the curb, the City will collect it.

Bulky items such as couches, mattresses or other furniture do not need to be dismantled. Carpet must be tied in rolls measuring 1.2 metres (4 feet) in length. Smaller items should be placed in garbage bags; no City-issued Bag Tag required. Each bag or roll of carpet cannot weigh more than 20 kg (44 lbs). Please place all flood-damaged material out at the curb by 7 a.m. and leave items out until collected (collection may continue until Monday).

Green Bin collection is not part of the special collection. Place spoiled food items in the Green Bin for pickup on your regular collection day.

Do not set out any construction/renovation waste (i.e. drywall, wood) or household hazardous waste (i.e. paint cans, fluorescent lighting tubes/bulbs).

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