Great Turnout for July 20, 2013 Rally with Peter Milczyn and Kathleen Wynne

I much enjoyed the Rally at Peter Milczyn’s Campaign HQ at 10:00 am on Saturday, July 20, 2013. There was a great turnout and great speakers – Laurel Broten, Peter Milczyn and Premier Kathleen Wynne.

I found the Rally and the subsequent Canvasing highly energizing and enjoyable.

I was delighted to see the wide range of ages among the volunteers – including a large number of energetic and enthusiastic volunteers in their twenties and thirties.

Canvassing at 1300 Islington Ave.

After the Rally, I joined Dick and Heather, whom I met for the first time today, for a canvass of the top floors at 1300 Islington Ave. This is a beautiful two-tower condo building near the corner of Dundas Street West and Islington Avenue not far from Montgomery’s Inn. Dick has a lot of experience as a canvasser; he quickly brought the rest of the team up to speed on the fine points of effective and efficient canvassing.

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Peter Milczyn Campaign HQ - 10:00 am on July 20, 2013 at start of Milczyn Campaign Rally. Jaan Pill photo

Peter Milczyn and Laurel Broten at start of Rally. Jaan Pill photo

july 20, 2013 Milczyn Campaign Rally begins. Jaan Pill photo

Crowd responds as Premier Kathleen Wynne, featured speaker at the event, arrives at the Milczyn Campaign Rally. Peter Milczyn and Laurel Broten also spoke at the event. A large contingent of Liberal Cabinet Ministers were present to show their support. Jaan Pill photo

Kathleen Wynne spoke briefly and cogently about key programs of the Ontario Government including Youth Employment Strategies. She spoke as well of the track record and experience that Peter Milczyn brings to the Liberal Campaign in Etobicoke-Lakeshore. Jaan Pill photo

Dick and Heather, who joined Jaan as canvassers for 1300 Islington Avenue, prepare for their morning's work. Jaan Pill photo

Dick and Heather at an upper floor at 1300 Islington Avenue. A overwhelmingly large proportion of the residents said they will vote for Peter Milczyn. The polling station is right inside the building. Jaan Pill photo

A final step, before we return of the materials to the Campaign HQ, involves organizing of the canvass data. Jaan Pill photo

1300 Islington Ave. comprises two towers. On July 20, 2013 two separate teams each canvassed one of the towers. These are beautiful buildings with a great view. Jaan Pill photo

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