Peter Milczyn fires back at Fords for Doug Holyday support (July 29, 2013 Toronto Sun)

You can read the July 29, 2013 Toronto Sun article here.

The headline and opening paragraphs read as follows:

Peter Milczyn fires back at Fords for Doug Holyday support


TORONTO – Councillor Peter Milczyn is swinging at the Ford brothers in his provincial byelection fight with Deputy Mayor Doug Holyday.

Milczyn’s Liberal campaign in Etobicoke-Lakeshore took a none-too-subtle shot at Mayor Rob Ford and Councillor Doug Ford in a flyer sent out to local residents late last week accusing the Fords of treating the riding like “their political playground.”

And Milczyn — a member of Ford’s executive committee — confirmed Monday he is firing back at the mayor and “his political machine” who have entered the byelection “in a very unusual way.”

“They have endorsed Holyday, made media statements in his support, campaigned for him and attended his public events — this is not typical behaviour for a mayor,” Milczyn said in an e-mail statement to the Toronto Sun.

[End of excerpt]

To access the full article, click here.


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