Wesley Mimico redevelopment project launches new website

For your interest, the Wesley Mimico United Church has launched a new website focusing on the church’s proposed redevelopment:


I’ve been following the Wesley redevelopment story since February 2012 when a Mimico resident sent me an email about the initial redevelopment proposal for the church.

It’s a fascinating story and I’m pleased that in recent years I’ve developed a network of contacts who’ve provided me with a broad range of information about the redevelopment process that otherwise would have been unknown to me. Without such information, and advice, I wouldn’t have known where to start, in my own efforts to gather information about the redevelopment.

I would add that the church community has been very helpful in sharing a full range of information with me – and with other interested Lakeshore residents – about their plans, proposals, and aspirations related to the church’s redevelopment.

As well, I’ve learned much of value from speaking with local residents who live in the neighbourhood where the church is located.

Ontario Heritage Act

On July 8, 2013 I posted an overview about this and other church conversion projects in Toronto:

The outcome of the Wesley Mimico redevelopment story will depend upon negotiations related to the Ontario Heritage Act

I’ve shared the overview with Matthew Premru <mpremru@toronto.ca> and Georgia Kuich <gkuich@toronto.ca> of the City of Toronto with a copy sent as well to Councillor Mark Grimes <councillor_grimes@toronto.ca>.

Whatever your views may be, it’s a great idea if you get up to speed on details of the church’s current proposal and share your views.

You can submit comments via email to the individuals mentioned above or through the City of Toronto Development Application page devoted to this project.


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