September 12, 2013 public meeting at Mimico Centennial Library regarding Wesley Mimico redevelopment proposal

The following message is from Harry Oussoren of the Wesley Mimico United Church:

[Background regarding the project can be found at the Wesley Mimico United Church Category at this website.]


For five years, the Wesley Faith & Hope Team has been exploring the future of the congregation and church building.   For the past two years, we have focussed on what is possible for the church building – so that it can continue to be a place where faith is honoured, where community well-being is nurtured, and where people can feel at home.

In June last year, the congregation chose the scenario “to re-purpose, renew, and to add” to the building.   As community residents, many of you had expressed the hope that the congregation would find ways to honour the heritage of the building, while honouring the congregation’s 150 years of nurturing faith, contributing to well-being in the community, and being a community presence.   The scenario chosen was affirmed by those who assembled as the “Community Forum” on June 25th, with expressions of appreciation that the congregation has listened carefully to concerns and adapted its concept to honour the heritage while renewing the facility.

We have been grateful for your participation over the last 17 months in more than 10 community gatherings to discuss the renewal project.   We were very pleased also to receive the blessing of the Etobicoke Historical Society and of the Etobicoke York Community Preservation Panel for the choice made and their recommendation that the church facility be designated after the renewal is complete.   Wesley agreed with this recommendation.

As a result, a proposal for rezoning has gone to the city and is under consideration.  It provides space for 36 units of owner-occupied seniors housing; space for community programs; and space for the congregation’s life and work, while ensuring economic viability for the whole development.   Of course, this is a non-profit, community-based project (not subsidized in any way) and its purpose is to enhance the vitality and well-being of the Mimico-Lakeshore community.

Next week, the City-hosted public meeting to consider the project will take place.   At the Mimico Centennial Library (Station Rd. at Stanley) on Thursday, Sept. 12, city officials and interested residents and other will gather to discuss the Wesley proposal.   Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the meeting starts at 7 p.m. You’re invited.

We hope you will attend and join your voice to those who understand that this is a project worthy of support so that Wesley Mimico can  contribute to the community we love.  The revitalization of Mimico and the Lakeshore begins here – honouring the heritage; making the building accessible and functional; and ensuring economic viability for the long term.  Wesley does not believe in “converting” the building into nothing but another high-end condo.   The Wesley vision is to ensure that the Station Rd. and Mimico Ave. corner will always be a place where people can come to be at home, participate in community programs, and find friends who care.

Thanks for your ongoing interest and support for the renewal of Wesley Mimico United Church.   Visit the website for more facts; study the attached leaflet for ways of supporting:

WMP leaflet 2013-08-25



Harry Oussoren, Convenor
Faith & Hope Team
Wesley Mimico United Church
Wesley Mimico Place


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