Extension of Trail to Sherway – Sept. 12, 2013 update from Councillor Milczyn’s Office

In previous posts we have discussed the Sherway Trail Extension.

The following update of Sept. 12, 2013 is from Councillor Peter Milczyn’s Office to David Switzer:

I contacted the TRCA on your behalf, and have the following update from the Project Manager | Etobicoke & Mimico Creek Watersheds. The Councillor will be putting out a more detailed update in his next enews (I will make sure you all receive a copy) which is due out in early October.

The Councillor was basically updated and advised that the Ministry of Transportation (MTO) have just completed the additional groundwater quality, surface water quality and methane gas monitoring that the Ministry of Environment (MOE) had asked MTO to complete (before providing the City of Toronto and TRCA permission to use the lands for the Sherway Trail connection).

Once MOE reviews the data, they will either advise MTO to proceed with the permit for the trail or may request additional monitoring samples. I assume at this point that I the Councillor will get another update from the MOE by mid-October.

Peter Milczyn will however update residents he has on his group list (from attending meetings or enquiring about this) with this and any other information on the progress of these approvals needed in order to proceed, in the coming weeks. Please watch for those comprehensive updates. If you have persons you wish to receive the updates from the councillor, please have them email me directly with the request to receive updates from Peter.

I think to have a community meeting now would be a bit premature (but is a good idea). Perhaps by late October or November this could be arranged with the TRCA. I will keep in mind and discuss with the Councillor. We can stay in touch on this. I will also ask Staff about whether the trail from Sherway to the QEW be gotten under way now?

On Sept. 10, 2013 David Switzer had written to Councillor Milczyn’s Office:

I would appreciate being kept informed of the progress on this project. In addition I will be passing on any information to other concerned citizens in south Etobicoke.

I also suggest that it might be time to have another community meeting. Not only to up-date but also to get new input. For instance I in addition to the trail I advocate a ravine park for use by the patients and visitors to the Queensway hospital as well as the local residents. Also many cyclists ask about a further extension to connect to the paths up to Centennial Park. I wonder too that if the delay for the trail is access under the QEW could the trail from Sherway to the QEW be gotten under way now? In fact such a step has been done south of the QEW by extending the path past the ball diamonds to just short of the underpass.

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As a person with an interest in stories and how they unfold, I much appreciate the fact that the ongoing storyline is emerging clearly and is easy to follow.


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