How income inequality hurts every Canadian’s chance of building a better life (Nov. 8, 2013 Globe and Mail)

You can access the Nov. 8, 2013 Globe article here.

A Nov. 21, 2013 Globe and Mail article on a related topic is of interest: “The one-room classroom could make a comeback in Hamilton.”

The problems that we face can benefit, I believe, from “flexible, creative and student-directed forms of learning.”

That said, I do wonder what the best way to teach subjects such as Mathematics happens to be.

Some useful resources on the latter topic include: The myth of ability: Nurturing mathematical talent in every child (2003) and The end of ignorance: Multiplying our human potential (2007).

An Oct. 5, 2013 Globe and Mail article is entitled: “Can Canada’s schools pass the next great intelligence test?”

A Nov. 22, 2013 article in The Atlantic is entitled: “Japan’s Cutthroat School System: A Cautionary Tale for the U.S.” The subhead reads: “A new book shows how fixating on testing and achievement can backfire.”

A Nov. 23, 2013 CBC article is entitled: “Food waste, overeating threaten global security.” The subhead reads: “There’s growing concern that western eating habits are affecting more than health.”


A Jan. 29, 2016 Guardian article is entitled: “Was there ever a time when so few people controlled so much wealth?”

The following post adds background to the discussion:

Voter anger explained – in one chart – March 15, 2016 Brookings Institution article

An April 5, 2016 Foreign Policy article is entitled: “Taxpayers of the World, Unite!
The Panama Papers confirm that the world’s elite cheat, lie, and steal. Will the masses finally do something about it?”


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